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Torchlight Multimedia specializes in audio and video production. We have years of experience working with figure skaters and coaches. For more information, click on the links for individual services.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide affordable high quality professional music editing and audio/video consulting services to the figure skating community.

Company Profile

We provide audio and video production services to the figure skating community. For more information, select the service you are interested in:

Skating Music

We use professional computer audio hardware and software to create premier quality music suitable for skaters at all levels.

We understand how to make complex cuts and transitions, including “beat matching” to maintain rhythm and flow. We can apply audio compression and other filters to adjust volume levels to correct sections that may be too loud or too quiet for optimum playback over typical skating arena sound systems.

Custom Video Projects

We also do video projects, including DVD authoring (perfect for archiving your videotaped performances) and web video creation.

A Note to Coaches: We understand that skating coaches are our best source of leads for new customers. Please contact us today about our sales commission program.


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