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We do high-quality music editing for skating performances. We use professional computer audio hardware and software to create premier quality music suitable for skaters at all levels. Whether you are beginning to compete and need a short light entertainment showcase piece, or a professional program for use in national or international events, we can do the job.

We understand how to make complex cuts and transitions, including “beat matching” to maintain rhythm and flow. We can apply audio compression and other filters to adjust volume levels to correct sections that may be too loud or too quiet for optimum playback over typical skating arena sound systems.

Key Benefits

bulletWe use professional equipment for the highest quality results
bulletWe know how to make smooth cuts and balance the audio for the best sound in typical skating rinks
bulletWe focus on what we're good at - letting you focus on skating

How we work with you


The first step in a skating music project is to get the source material. You can provide us with the music on CD. If necessary, we can take music from old vinyl albums or cassette tapes (sorry, no 8 tracks!).


We will need to know the desired length for the program, and what ideas you have for cuts, transitions, fades, etc (if you want, we can offer creative help with this step).


Next, we use pro audio tools to edit the source material. We then send you an email with links to Windows Media and Real Media previews for your review. We will incorporate any changes you want, and once you give us your approval, we will produce two copies on CD or cassette tape (or one of each).


Finally, we create custom labels for the media, identifying the skater, club, coach, and the music. Then we ship you the finished media.

Here's an example of what one of CDs looks like. Cassette tapes have similar custom labels.


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